Many thanks to everyone who honored us with our invitation to the charity dinner in favor of the Poor Patient Fund

Which was held in Amman at the Khalil Al-Rahman Charity Association on Saturday 7/22/2023.

The meeting was opened by reading Qur’an with the voice of Sheikh Marouf Al-Sharif, followed by a welcoming speech by Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Jabari, sponsor of the ceremony, in turn, Ms. Hoda Abdel-Nabi, President of the Association, urged the attendees to donate and support the poor patient’s fund. Dr. Youssef Al-Takrouri, General Director of the hospital, gave an explanation about the medical and educational services in the hospital and the new departments and medical services that were developed.
The guests was received by board of trustees of PFS and the hospital administration. Marwan Shaheen A. Kifah Al-Sharif, Ayman Sultan Al-Hajj Saadi Al-Sarahneh, Dr. Nafez Nasser Al-Din, and a. Basem Al-Natsheh, Head of the Public Relations Department, and Mrs. Muhammad Talal Sidr, Deputy Administrative Director.

Many thanks to everyone who worked and helped to make this charity dinner a success, and God willing, all of you will be rewarded.

We, with God's help, take care of you