Emergency Department

  1. The Ambulance and Emergency Department is 24 hours on duty with a capacity of (24) beds & receives more than five thousand patients per month.
  2. It Uses a Number of qualified doctors and specialists working in the various departments.
  3. The first line of defense in the hospital, in which all emergency services and the best supplies and equipment are provided, with the presence of a specialized nursing and medical staff.
  4. Within the vision and development plan, and due to the increase in the number of cases, the number of beds was raised from 16 beds to 24 beds to cover the demand for services and moved to a new place with a larger area.
  5. It was rehabilitated to serve patients with television imaging devices for critical cases, and it became possible for specialized doctors to deal with difficult cases without the need to transfer them to the radiology department for recognizing the diagnosis.
  6. Technology is used in the department by which patients are isolated with the possibility of renewing the air within a closed and healthy environment.
  7. The Ambulance and Emergency Department is staffed by a highly qualified nursing staff and a specialized medical staff, including surgery specialists who hold certificates to deal with critical injuries, specialists in television imaging of critical cases, and other internal medicine specialists who hold cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificates from the American Heart Association, and qualified ambulance officers working around the clock.
  8. The Ambulance and Emergency Department includes :
    Men's emergency department
    Women's emergency department
    Pediatric emergency department
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Room (CPR)
    Trauma Room
    Minor Procedures Room
    Observation Room
    Orthopedic Room
    Two ambulances fully equipped ambulances

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