Pediatric & Neonatal Department

Pediatrics Department:
  • The pediatric department is considered one of the distinctive departments in the hospital, Which deals with pediatric patients in need of difficult medical interventions for various internal medical conditions up to the age of 14 years, and surgical ones under the age of eight.
  • The department receives pediatric patients from the age of one day to 14 years. Health care is provided to the patient with the highest efficiency and the least possible complications under the supervision of highly experienced and competent consultants and specialists, and qualified nurses trained to deal with all emergency cases.
  • The pediatric department operates with a capacity of (26) beds. The department is divided into two sections. The first section is the intermediate cases department, which deals with cases of ordinary children’s diseases such as jaundice, meninges, and chest infections, and specialized cases such as children’s kidneys, heart, nerves, and all surgical cases under the age of eight. The second section is the intensive care department. For children, which consists of 4 beds located in the same section.

    Neonate department:
  • It is the department that deals with children who are born before their natural birth date and need incubators until they complete their growth and pass the danger stage.
  • Due to the urgent need, the prematurity department was developed by increasing the number of incubators from 14 to 27 incubators.
  • The department has prematurity specialists, in addition to a distinguished medical staff, and it uses other specialties such as surgery departments, cardiology departments, neurosurgery departments, others such as genetic diseases and metabolic diseases, and the pediatric digestive system department.
  • The pediatric and neonatal (prematurity) department is equipped with the latest incubators, ventilators, heart monitors, and vital signs.

  • We, with God's help, take care of you