Nuclear Medicine Department

  1. The Department of Nuclear Medicine is one of the distinguished departments of the hospital, and it is the only licensed department in Palestine that provides diagnostic and treatment services within international standards by using radioactive isotopes and materials such as radioactive iodine and technetium, especially for oncology patients. With over 180 patients per month, most of them from the Gaza Strip.
  2. The department's work is characterized by great complexity, as radioactive iodine and other isotopes produced in Europe are obtained through A specialized company that brings the materials in a limited period of time due to the short life of these radioactive materials
  3. Very strict procedures are applied to control radioactive materials, and doses of radioactive materials are prepared and withdrawn automatically to provide The highest level of protection and safety for the patient and the medical staff, and the examination or treatment with radioactive materials is safe and painless Radioactive materials enter the body through inhalation, ingestion, or intravenous in quantities determined by the doctor
  4. The department includes two devices
  5. The first is the gamma camera, which is a device that provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for kidney, heart, liver and brain diseases, as well as radiotherapy for thyroid diseases.
  6. The second is PET scan, which is the device through which we can diagnose tumors of small size, which no other device can diagnose and see, as well as the diagnosis of tumors spreading in the body.
  7. The department also includes 4 isolation rooms equipped according to the requirements of the Palestinian Ministry of Health and international standards. These rooms are completely isolated against bullets, and the patient stays there for 3 days after taking doses of radioactive materials.

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