Department of Internal Medicine

  1. General internal medicine specialists, in addition to group of sub specialist in a variety of medical fields.
  2. A 34 - bed unit that includes gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, and nephrology subdivisions.
  3. A high acuity gastroenterology subdivision with modern endoscopy and interventional endoscopy facilities, with focus on colon disease diagnosis and interventions. Capsule endoscopy added recently.
Respiratory Diseases Unit
It is equipped with latest equipment and offers:
  1. Bronchoscope and lung diagnostics, treatments, and biopsies from the airways or lungs.
  2. Pulmonary function measurement to determine the volume and mechanics of breathing.
Endocrine unit
It is a unit specialized in diagnosing and treatment of endocrine diseases, such as: pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and pancreas:
  1. Follow-up and treatment of diabetes cases, provide comprehensive care for diabetes patients, and early detection, follow-up and treatment of complications.
  2. Follow-up cases of gestational diabetes.
  3. Treating thyroid diseases, diagnosing gland tumors, taking samples from the gland under television imaging, and radioactive iodine therapy.
  4. Treatment of obesity and its diseases.
  5. Treatment of lipid and cholesterol disorders and concomitant genetic diseases.
  6. Diagnosing and treating cases of short stature, delayed growth and puberty problems
  7. Treatment of infertility cases caused by hormonal imbalance.
  8. Carry out all hormonal tests and tests for induction and inhibition of hormones.
  9. Health and nutrition education.
  10. Consultation and follow-up of all cases of diabetes within the hospital departments.
Nephrology Unit
  1. Medical services are provided to patients suffering from kidney-related diseases, the most important of which are kidney failure or temporary kidney failure.
  2. Kidney biopsy.

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