Public Relations Department

  1. It has an important role in showing the good image of the Hospital and the work which is done.
  2. Receiving visitors from delegations, institutions and individuals and informing them of the services which the hospital provided
  3. Executing all correspondences related to the institutions at the internal and external levels,
  4. filling in all statistical data and information related to the institution.
  5. Writing new projects in cooperation with many departments in the hospital
  6. A reliable link between the public and the hospital, which works to win the trust and sympathy of the community at all levels.
  7. Taking care of creative cooperation between the hospital and all parties dealing with it including individuals, institutions and international bodies with high credibility and transparency.
  8. Public Relations has clear fingerprints on many projects submitted to the hospital.
  9. Delivering the messages and objectives of the hospital with All available means of communication as well as through social media.
  10. Contribute to raising performance in the various departments of the hospital by encouraging creative solutions and stimulate discussions aiming at developing and encouraging training programs to raise the efficiency of the hospital.
  11. Enhancing attention to the Hospital internal public (employees), as is the case with its external Public and institutions (the society).


We, with God's help, take care of you