Participation of a specialist from Gaza in an advanced training program in cooperation between the Red Cross, Ministry of Health and Al-Ahli Hospital

Within a joint cooperative program between the Red Cross, the Ministry of Health and Al-Ahli Hospital, which aims to develop the capabilities of doctors from the Gaza Strip. Dr. Abdel Hadi Abu Shahla, a specialist in Vascular and Endovasular surgery, completed the training program in the field of (Vascular & Endovascular intervention), where the program was implemented under the supervision of the head of the peripheral interventional catheterization department over a period of 3 months.

It is important to mention that this program will benefit a group of specialists working and residing in Gaza Strip, and it aims to qualify distinguished medical cadres in order to improve and raise the capacity of hospitals in the Strip. Also, it is important mention that this program, which is supervised by the Palestinian Red Cross, will benefit 6 doctors working in the governmental hospitals in Gaza Strip.

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