To serve you, an ATM service has been provided in the hospital, next to the main entrance to the hospital - the cafeteria

Service advantages:

  • Saving time and effort and avoiding congestion within the branches
  • Ease of use.
  • The service is free.
  • Continuing to provide services outside working hours (service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including public holidays and holidays)

    Through these ATMs, the following services can be performed:
  • Getting special rates for currency exchange
  • Withdraw cash in the three currencies at any time
  • The daily withdrawal limit is $3,000 or its equivalent in other currencies per day in 3 stages
  • Cash deposit up to $4,500 per day
  • Balance inquiry
  • Cash deposit in the three currencies at any time
  • Obtain an account statement in the three currencies at any time
  • Transfer between your different accounts
  • The contactless feature that allows the use of the teller without the need to insert the card
  • Change the PIN for your issued cards (debit card, credit card)

    Acceptance of international cards
    ATM service provide cash withdrawal and balance inquiry services for international Visa and MasterCard holders

    There are 2 ATMs available for your service
  • ATM service for the Palestine Islamic Bank
  • ATM service service for the Arab Islamic Bank

  • We, with God's help, take care of you