Outpatient Clinics Department

  1. It is located on the ground floor of the main hospital building, with an area of 1400 square meters. It has been rehabilitated in a modern style
  2. The department mediates the registration and patient reception center, which can accommodate 100 patients. includes 34 specialized clinics, where doctors with medical sub-specialties and rare specializations have been recruited.
  3. based on the principle of integration in providing medical service ,the New Outpatient Clinics Department include modern laboratory that consists ,tomography, radiology and ultrasounds equipment.
  4. provide high quality medical services, both on the primary and secondary levels, Fully equipped with the most updated medical equipment for effective diagnosis Receive an average of 300 patients daily from 9 am to 6 pm. .
  5. has a qualified staff that works on a computerized system that is able to respond to patients’ responses, fulfill their requests and book their appointments .
  6. In order to facilitate the process of booking appointments in outpatient clinics, we are pleased to announce the start of using the service of booking appointments for outpatient clinics and medical procedures as the first Palestinian hospital to implement this system, in cooperation with Optimum Solutions Company through the medibooking system .
  7. To book an appointment, please contact us directly at 1700 200 400 during working hours from 8 am to 4 pm.
    1. Specialized clinics
      1. Internal Medicine Clinic
      2. General Surgery Clinic
      3. Obstetrics and Gynacology Clinic
      4. Orthopedic Surgery Clinic
      5. Pediatrics and Neonates clinic
      6. Neurosurgery Clinic
      7. Urology Clinic
      8. Opthalmology Clinic
      9. Dentistry Clinic
      10. ENT Clinic
      11. Cardiac Surgery Clinic

    2. Sub-Specialty Clinics:
      1. Gastroenterology Clinic
      2. Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic
      3. Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
      4. Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Clinic
      5. Cardiovascular Clinic
      6. Pediatrics Surgery Clinic
      7. Maxillofacial Clinic
      8. Plastic and reconstructive Surgery Clinic
      9. Pulmonology Clinic
      10. Renal Disease Clinic
      11. Palliative Care and pain management Clinic
      12. Vascular Surgery Clinic

We, with God's help, take care of you