ICU Department

The intensive care Department at Al-Ahli Hospital is a general Department , that it accepts medical and surgical patients. And as part of the development plan, it was separated into two sections, the surgical intensive care section and the medical intensive care section:

  1. First: the surgical intensive care Department :
    As part of the hospital's development plan, this department was established for the treatment of acute renal failure. It is equipped with dialysis and blood filtration devices with a capacity to accommodate ten families, including four for isolation.
  2. It is part of the treatment plan for surgical patients, and one of the main roles in this department is to provide close monitoring and care for surgical patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases or also suffering from critical diseases, and their twenty-four-hour follow-up, in addition to monitoring the devices connected to the patients from Oxygen or pressure heart devices and even the incoming and outgoing fluids for the patient and monitoring the special nutrition of each patient This department is characterized by the presence of the latest devices and the best staff and medical and nursing skills, including artificial respiration devices and intravenous drip devices and devices for measuring gases in the body in addition to measuring the pressure of the gaseous body for long periods to monitor the stability of the patient's body
  3. Second: medical Intensive Care Department:
    1. ‬‬‬The biggest in the West Bank with (20) fully equipped beds, (6) isolation units. ‭
    2. Most up to date mechanical ventilators.
    3. Portable ultrasound units, MV units, and portable x-ray machine.‬
    4. Portable ultrasound units, MV units, and portable x-ray machine.‬
    5. A group of highly trained intensivists, anesthesiologists, pulmonologists, hematologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists and nephrologists.

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