Hebron Nursing College

Establishment The idea of establishing the Hebron Nursing college affiliated to the Patient’s Friends Association (the mother institution), which is based on the management and operation of Al-Ahli Hospital, which includes a total of 300 beds of various specializations, therefore, the urgent need for male and female nurses from various specializations has emerged in order to provide high-quality health care services. The college was established in April 1994 and the college has obtained the necessary licenses to teach a two-year nursing diploma program from the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Within the objectives of the college, interaction with the local community and the promotion of health among individuals, it sought with the National Commission for Accreditation, Quality and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to obtain the necessary licenses to carry out a midwifery diploma program to supply the health sector in the region with qualified midwives due to the clear and large deficit of this type of specialization. In 2005, the Midwifery Diploma Program was approved.

the college received a grant from the QIF Quality Development Fund, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education provided by the World Bank to develop a midwifery diploma project. Teaching this program (midwifery) began at the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2005/2006. We also seek licenses to open other programs and specializations. In order to develop the college for the undergraduate program, the college occupies the ground floor and the first floor of Al-Saa'dia Building.

Accreditation and licensing The college is licensed and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and accredited according to the regulations and laws in force as a private community college The Ministry of Health also allows college students to train in the ministry's hospitals.

Alumni It is important to mention that (about 2,000) male and female nurses and midwives graduated from the Faculty of Nursing over thirty years, and all of them obtained jobs in Palestinian governmental or private hospitals, as well as in Jerusalem hospitals.

College goals
  1. Work on developing the college into a university college. ‌
  2. Seeking to modernize and increase laboratories. ‌
  3. Attracting donors and financiers to improve the status of the college. ‌
  4. Adding new programs and majors that meet the requirements of development and the needs of society. ‌
  5. Developing the college library with the latest versions of references, scientific books and periodicals, in addition to providing it with points of contact with other libraries in the world, by involving it in the electronic library.
  6. Spreading and promoting a culture of quality in the college.
Facilities of Hebron College of Nursing

The computer lab

It is a modern, integrated computer lab, which gives students the opportunity to use the equipment, prepare research, and follow up on scientific developments via the Internet. This is done under the supervision of an employee specialized in computer science and information technology.

Practical skills lab

The college includes a laboratory for practical training that contains modern and many educational tools to train students on before they start training in hospitals, such as structures, models, sterile tools, guidance and clarification tools, a slide projector, TV + video, (LCD) and other consumables that the student needs to perform the skill.

The library

The college library contains a number of scientific and specialized books in nursing sciences

We, with God's help, take care of you