Ahli CardioVascular Center

Top interventional cardiology consultants providing diagnostic and interventional cardiology 7/24 service.

  1. Cardiac interventional subdivision:
    7/24 hour services for primary and urgent Percutaneous Coronary Interventions PCI including Holter 24 hour ECG monitoring, treadmill, ECHO services ( including TEE ).
  2. Modern Electrophysiology Unit:
    Diagnosis and management (ablation). Recently added 3D electrophysiology unit for complex cases. It is the only unit in Palestine.
  3. Cardiac Surgery subdivision:
    Highly trained adult and pediatric cardiac surgeons performing all cardiac deformity surgeries, as well as valvular and coronary artery bypass surgeries.
  4. Interventional and vascular surgery subdivision:
    For all vascular interventions
  5. Cardiac Devices subdivision:
    That provides services to patient (and installing) ICDs, CRTDs and pacemakers of all types. .

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