The Strategic Plan: Challenges...difficulties ...achievement

No one owns success to himself. success is for those who stick to the goal, and it is for those who pay the price of it.


All thanks and appreciation to the Board of Trustees of Patient’s Friends Society and to all the supporters and lovers of Al Ahli hospital, and thanks go to all the employees and staff members of this medical organization, each in their position, with teamwork and dedication, success is for all.


Two strategic plans that continued over a period of (8) years (2016-2020) (2020-2024) within an insightful vision...and a clear achieve a goal and purpose, which were developed carefully and wisely in order to provide the best medical services to our patients 

and to improve the Palestinian health system in integration with the Ministry of Health.


I present to you a description of the plan and what has been accomplished of it.


With high respect and appreciation.


  Dr. Youssef Al-Takrouri

Director General of Al-Ahli Hospital

We, with God's help, take care of you