An official delegation from the Military Medical Services visits Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron

Commissioned by Major General Doctor Maysoon Al-Banna, Director General of Military Medical Services, an official delegation represented by Colonel Doctor Ramzi Omair, Director of Military Medical Audit, Colonel Yasser Al-Saadi, Director of the Financial Branch of Military Medical Services, and Lt. Col. The administrative director of the Patient’s Friends Association, the Director General of Al-Ahly Hospital, the Medical Director and the Administrative Director,

where the delegation toured the hospital’s departments and was briefed on the new services that were introduced to the basket of medical services in the hospital. Pediatric cardiology, cardiology department, catheterization, treatment of heart diseases by 3D cautery, and a new catheter laboratory, where modern and advanced catheterization devices are being installed to introduce pediatric cardiac catheterization, peripheral catheterization, and endoscopy for the digestive system and colon,

which is equipped with the latest devices for internal television imaging, advanced bile duct endoscopy, and the care department. Concentrator and blood filter rooms. It is worth noting that an agreement was signed with Al-Ahly Hospital that includes the new medical procedures in addition to the medical procedures available in the hospital at the beginning of this week, as part of the permanent endeavor of the military medical services in order to raise the level of medical services provided to the members of the security establishment and their families.

We, with God's help, take care of you