Al-Quds Open University honors the President of the P.F.S. Mrs. Huda Abdel-Nabi Al-Natsheh

A delegation from Al-Quds Open University in Hebron, represented by Prof. Dr. Tayseer Abu Sakoor, Director of Al-Quds Open University, Hebron Branch, and Prof. Jawad Abu Sobeih, Academic Assistant and a. Ahmed Al-Natsheh, Head of Student Affairs, and Mrs. Samah Abu Zina, Public Relations Coordinator at the University, Al-Ahly Hospital, where they were received by the President and members of the Administrative Board of the Patient’s Friends Association and the National Hospital Administration.

The delegation was briefed on the new medical services that were added to the basket of services, as well as the educational process of doctors On the program specialization and the challenges facing the program. At the end of the visit, the delegation presented a shield to Mrs. Hoda Abdel Nabi Al-Natsheh, President of the Society, for her role in supporting the educational process at Al-Quds Open University, and in appreciation of her efforts during her work in the field of voluntary social work, which lasted for more than forty years.

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