Al-Harbawi Co. donates the establishment of the "Surgical Intensive Care" department

In the presence of the president and members of the administrative board of the Patient’s Friends Association and the administration of Al-Ahly Hospital, an agreement was signed to establish the surgical intensive care department in favor of the Patient’s Friends Association / Al-Ahly Hospital in Hebron, with a generous donation from the Al-Harbawi Company for the manufacture of sponges and mattresses, represented by Mr. Nassar Al-Harbawi and Mr. Wael Al-Harbawi and their brothers.

Mrs. Huda Abdel Nabi, President of the Society, praised this donation, as this project is vital and important due to its development and improvement in services for patients and auditors in the governorate. Dr. Youssef Al-Takuri, Director General of the hospital, confirmed that the needs of Al-Ahly Hospital are large and multiple, and the project of the surgical intensive care department “with a capacity of ten beds equipped with the latest central monitoring devices for vital signs, acute dialysis devices, blood filtration, plasma and medical isolation rooms” will constitute a qualitative leap in the treatment of patients, and indicated that the implementation period This project is four months.

In turn, the businessman, Mr. Wael Al-Harbawi, considered that this project is a small part of what can be provided to support medical institutions, especially in these difficult circumstances due to the Corona pandemic, and considered it a work by which they draw closer to God Almighty and that a person must leave a white imprint and a good impact for him in life, and he called Al-Harbawi businessmen and companies to stand next to Al-Ahly Hospital and provide continuous support to it in order to preserve this edifice, which has become a medical teacher and educational edifice in the city of Khalil Al-Rahman.

We, with God's help, take care of you